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Shout Outs!

Ashley Laflin, RBT

Shout-out to Ashley Laflin. She’s doing absolutely phenomenal. She has brought a non-verbal emerging learner with no prior ABA experience out of his shell and he is now engaging in babbling, attempting sign language, and engaging in toy play! He afternoon client has been struggling behaviorally and she has been executing his new behavior support plan to nearly 100% fidelity.

-Kaylah O'Neil

Brandi Mountain, RBT

Brandi maintained attendance to 100% of her sessions in May for the client we work on together. Her consistent attendance to sessions ensure our client receives the appropriately ABA treatment as scheduled and the progress we have seen in our client is a reflection of her dedication, commitment, and passion for supporting and being there for the client and his family. On top of that, Brandi consistently implements programs as detailed in the teaching instructions and implements new programs with little to no additional feedback. Brandi’s a rockstar!"

-Dat Le

Bailey O'Donnell, RBT

When an outside service provider (OT) recommended Bailey implement a protocol (putting kiddo on his belly) which was not behavior analytic in nature and not specifically advised prior to do so by me, she redirected OT to communicating with me in order to discuss this recommendation prior to Bailey incorporating it into sessions. Bailey doing this helped ensure that we are continually utilizing evidence-based treatments that are behavior analytic in nature for our clients, and ensuring that treatment recommendations from other service providers go through the BCBA supervisor first.

-Dat Le

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